TRAILER RANDOM KITCHEN We are glad to share this trailer on our Community Art Project Random Kitchen  as an advance of the full documented film of this project that has taken place in Jackson Heights, Queens. We want to thank Voces Latinas as a community partner for their support  in this art project. Click here … Continue reading RANDOM KITCHEN


The Visual Arts Program is launching our new interdisciplinary  research  project "Random Kitchen". This workshop is organized by the Visual Arts Program of the Barco de Papel Cultural Center in collaboration with the community organization Voces Latinas and artists residing in the city of New York. The kitchen is that warm part of the home … Continue reading RANDOM KITCHEN

Public Art at Corona Plaza

Action Art Experiential Critique on Hyperconsumerism at Corona Plaza -Friday, 30th. SITE, DATE AND SCHEDULE: Textile sculptures will be exhibited on Friday 30th from 1pm to 5pm. The purpose of these sculptures is to reflect on our behavior towards a material culture and hyperconsumerism and the belief that having more gives us happiness. For this, … Continue reading Public Art at Corona Plaza

Community Workshop on Hyperconsumerism

Throughout the summer of 2016 CC's art program Barco de Papel was collecting used clothing with the aim of creating an outdoor textile art facility using these clothes. For this, the fabrics underwent a transformation using the DIY technique, as some of the pieces incorporate heterogeneous materials such as: threads, buttons, strings, sequins, as part … Continue reading Community Workshop on Hyperconsumerism

Visual Art Program, VAP CCBP

Our organization, Centro Cultural Barco de Papel, is starting a new stage. Through the Visual Arts Program, CCBP, we wish to promote an integral vision of the arts in our neighborhood which  aims to  reach out the residents of our community and offer them the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the artistic manifestations that take place … Continue reading Visual Art Program, VAP CCBP