Our Voice – Sonia Sanchez

By Diego Castillo and Andley Tyson This mural illustrates a wonderful poem by Sonia Sanchez. In the poem it talked about the struggles and hard work people in our society face nowadays. This mural is a depiction of the poem where it may impact society on these struggles and hard work to create a better … Continue reading Our Voice – Sonia Sanchez

“Exiles from history…” Elmhurst Literary Mural, NYC

The Invisible City (Miriam and Laura) The basis of this work was built upon the uniting cultures of the city of New York and specifically Elmhurst, Queens. Pete Hamill the author of The Invisible City wrote a collection of personal short stories about the people of New York and his book also included intimate sketches … Continue reading “Exiles from history…” Elmhurst Literary Mural, NYC


For Barco de Papel Cultural Center, art and culture constitute two of the fundamental pillars for the development of our community. For this reason, we invite our community to enjoy the "Elmhurst Literary Visual Mural" project that is displayed along Broadway Avenue between Cornish and Whitney Avenue, a block away from Elmhurst Avenue subway station … Continue reading ELMHURST LITERARY VISUALS MURAL