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Arid Orozco. Arid Orozco is an emerging visual artist who’s vibrant and colorful works of art take inspiration from his home country of Venezuela. Originally from the small town of Farriar in the country’s north central region, Orozco’s love of family and his country’s rich history of tradition and culture are present in each piece he creates. Almost always showcasing the brilliant yellow, blue and red of his birth country’s flag, his work comes out of a passion and commitment to convey messages of hope, freedom and triumph.

A self-taught artist, Orozco moved to New York fifteen years ago with a culinary career path in mind. But it was when he was asked to develop a business plan to open a restaurant that life took a decidedly different turn. Instead of writing out his plan, he drew it. And from that point on, he knew that he was born to create. 

Whether conveying his personal message of freedom through his use of birds, or the hope for a peaceful future in his homeland, Orozco’s style is ever-evolving and will continue to represent the hopes and dreams of the everyday people and places that touch his heart and soul.

Arid Orozco has been featured in several online publications including, VidaLatina, VoicesofNY, globovision and on CNN Espanol. His works have been included in exhibitions at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City and an auction for The Venezuelan American Endowment for the Arts.
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