Technical assembly of the panels for the MURAL LITERARY IN ELMHURST.
Sharing one of the important moments of the project with our community. The assembly of 5 horizontal panels each 3.5 “x 7” horizontal fixed to the wall supporting the Long Island Rail Road Bridge (LIRR) on Broadway Avenue between Cornish and Whitney Avenue.

Thanks for the excellent assembly to the workers of the LIRR.
In ELMHURST LITERARY MURAL, some of the great writers who used the city of New York as the background of their most acclaimed literary stories will be represented.
Artists involved in the making of the mural: Anthony AndUjar (Dominican / Puerto Rico), Diego Castillo (Dominican Republic), Laura GirOn (Colombia), Stephanie Jimenez (Colombia), Santiago Lenis (Colombia), Natasha Ocoro (Colombia), Miriam Rodriguez (Puerto Rico), Dayana Sadova (Kazakhstan), Andley Tyson (Jamaica) and Fei Yin (China).
At the Barco de Papel Cultural Center, we believe that art and culture are two of the fundamental pillars for the development of our community.













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