The visual arts program of Barco de Papel Cultural Center will present the work of the sculptor and photographer Teresito Paez in its first edition of QUEENS ART NIGHT on Sunday, February 26, 2017 from 4 to 9 pm. Barco de Papel Cultural Center is located at 40- 03 80th  Street in Elmhurst.

The Queens Art Night aims to  accommodate multiple voices, while encouraging our community to relate more  to the visual arts, and understand the power of transformation that it has in our lives.

On this occasion, the artist Teresito Paez delights us with a mixture of symbolic images filled of poetry. His sculptures have been created using different recycled objects found mostly in his work area. These decontextualized objects prints a new representation in the eye of the audience. Such objects as the gear of a bicycle, a broken aluminum cane, different kitchen utensils, a coffee maker, a telephone or a mirror, among others, take under Teresito’s eyes, infinite possibilities. From being discarded objects they acquired new meaning that has nothing to do with the purpose for which it was created. As for his collection of photographs five photos of the city of New York have been chosen for this exhibition.

Teresito Paez was born in the Dominican Republic. Since 1984 he lives in the United States, where he obtained a Bachelors Degree in International Studies at NYU where  he also took several photography courses. It can be said that Paez is a self-taught photographer interested in contemporary urban and rural life. He worked as a waiter for four years at the Windows of The World restaurant in the missing Twin Towers in New York. Since 2011 he works as a concierge at New York University (NYU) and is an active member of the artist collective of the 32BJ Union.

Barco de Papel Cultural Center is located 40- 03 80th Street in Elmhurst.

(Trains 7, E, F, M and R or buses Q33, Q32 and Q47)

Curator: Arianne Fernandez

Director, Visual Arts Program: Joyce Sanchez


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