Action Art Experiential Critique on Hyperconsumerism at Corona Plaza -Friday, 30th. SITE, DATE AND SCHEDULE: Textile sculptures will be exhibited on Friday 30th from 1pm to 5pm. The purpose of these sculptures is to reflect on our behavior towards a material culture and hyperconsumerism and the belief that having more gives us happiness. For this, we have created a space in which passers-by can interact and be part of the visual narratives implicated in the different textile pieces made by artists Joyce Sanchez and Maria Gil. Both artists were challenged to go beyond the functionality of each of the pieces of clothing they were given and dedicated months to turn them into works of art by giving them a new meaning. The technique they use is mostly bricolage. The performances started their journey in our neighborhood: «37th Ave and 78th Street, Jackson Heights, 11372 » «Train Station Roosevelt Ave / 74th Street, Elmhurst, 11373» «Roosevelt Ave between National Street and 104th, Corona, 11368»



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